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What is The TerryReport?


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Coming soon to your neighborhood. No, its not radar, but police cars that can read every license plate passing by them, hundreds per minute. The problem we are likely to face in the future is when this technology is applied to stifle dissent or otherwise limit the freedom of movement of peaceful citizens. CNN has a report on the use of this relatively new technology in Los Angeles. The big data aspect of the technology was developed for the CIA. The report raises the question, without stating it, that it could be game over for any privacy or right to be left alone once one leaves the front door of the house. Constant monitoring appears to be our common future. It doesnt matter whether youve violated any  laws. You still have to be monitored.

The July issue of Popular Science magazine has a detailed article about the use of license plate scanners to repossess cars. In an earlier issue, they covered the use of scanners by police departments. Below is a link to that article.

License Plate Readers Are Photographing You Everywhere

What are police departments doing with all that data?

Another story on this same subject from Popular Science:

Nation's Densest Network of License Plate Data-Trackers Raises Privacy Concerns

Rebecca Boyle

 Posted 11.22.2011 at 4:11 pm

In Washington, D.C., where there are plenty of powerful people and precious places to protect, the cops have lots of high-tech tools at their disposal. But one tool, automatic license plate readers, could become  much more than a crime-prevention device. D.C. police maintain the country's densest network of plate readers, and keep a three-year database of license plate locations — meaning they can track where everyone's car is, all the time, whether at the grocery store, an ammunition shop or Planned Parenthood.

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