What is The TerryReport?

The TerryReport

What is The TerryReport?


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The TerryReport

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                                                             Doug Terry, the editor and chief reporter for The TerryReport, has worked as a journalist since high school years when he got his first job with a local radio station in Reading, Pa.. While in college, he first worked at a radio station in Greenville, Texas, before being hired by WFAA radio, Dallas, as a reporter, newscaster and producer. Within one year, he was working at WFAA-TV writing and anchoring a short afternoon news break before moving to a late night newscast as anchor, producer and writer. After three years at WFAA, he moved to a regional radio network of 85 radio stations, working first as Austin, Texas bureau chief and then as managing editor/news director for the network. WFAA-TV is one of the leading local television news stations in the country and became the market leader in its area.

When NPR started, he joined during the first month of its premier program, All Things Considered, as a reporter/producer. Some of the highlights of that period included anchoring and producing coverage of the space program for NPR and, later,  reporting as the first NPR reporter sent with a U.S. President to an international summit meeting (Moscow). His early work at NPR was featured in two different book collections of distinctive reporting by NPR staff reporters.

Other career highlights include: creating a Washington, DC, television news service in cooperation with Public Citizen.  Assisting in the creation of a commercial news service for local television stations and acting as special projects manager and National Director for the news service which served more than 80 local television stations across the US as well as PBS stations. He worked to create the first daily satellite news feed from Washington, DC.  and, later, the creation of one of the first satellite based, regional television news cooperatives in the nation.

Terry has covered news at every level of government from local city council and county commissioners to state government and Congress, the White House, the State Department, The Supreme Court and various other departments and agencies of the government.  He has reported from more than twelve nations in Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. His reports have been heard around the world on Armed Forces Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Israeli Radio. News materials supplied by him or his news agencies have appeared on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, the NBC Today Show, the BBC, The News Hour on PBS, and many local television outlets across America.  His work as a television producer has appeared on many of the national cable/satellite channels, including Lifetime, Biography, FX and others as well as the three major over the air networks. (CBS, NBC, ABC).


In addition to writing and editing The TerryReport, Terry writes poetry and other creative works and spends a major portion of his time on photography. His artistic photographic work emphasizes abstract light patterns in what he called his Light Images Project as well as landscape and cityscape photography.  He is the Safety and Security Manager for the Olney Farmers and Artists Market, a weekly not for profit market started by his wife Janet with his assistance seven years ago.

His television production and technology applications/consulting business operates as Alexis Media Systems. As a technology consultant, he worked with the government of northern Iraq (Kurdistan) before and during the Iraq war on creating new international distribution of a television channel known as KurdSat Broadcasting, a channel that now has world wide distribution, including in the U.S.  With a depth of experience and knowledge of satellites, fiber optics, networking technologies and microwave transmission, Terry consults with companies and groups forming new, advanced ways to communicate and network, both using the Internet and by other means.

He is an avid cyclist, occasional tennis player and, having majored in history in college, considers himself a lifelong student of  history. Of particular interest in recent times has been the Red Summer of 1919 and the corruption of democracy and democratic practices in the southern states caused by the institution of slavery.

Terry comments frequently in online forums, especially the NY Times online. He is working on presentation of his of his theories about society and politics in the form of longer essays that he hopes to present in the form of short books. He has said he considers his most important accomplishment the creation of a stable, rewarding family life and the raising and nurturing of his daughter, Britt Terry   (Fischer), who resides and works in Manhattan, New York.


Terry is the fourth generation of his family (on his mothers side) with deep ties to the state of Texas. His great grandparents migrated to Texas in the 1880s in a covered wagon. His father, Thomas Newton Terry II, moved to Texas with his family at the age of three, having been born in Oklahoma. His father became a pipeliner at the age of 17 and worked as an Operating Engineer on pipeline construction for most of his life until age 65, save for two periods when he operated a small ranch in southeastern Oklahoma. His mother worked in hospital administration during the last 15 years of her life.

The family moved frequently during Terrys early years because of his fathers occupation and he attended schools in New York state, Pennsylvania, Texas and East Chicago before they settled for five years in Oklahoma when his father was operating the ranch. During infancy, the family lived for a time near Monterey, Mexico. He graduated from Exeter High School in Pennsylvania and attended East Texas State University (now Texas A&M, Commerce) (history major) as well as the Alliance Francaise in Paris, France and a special graduate level program at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top business schools in the United States.

Terry has lived for extended periods on Paris, France, Lisbon, Portugal as well as Texas (his familys native state), Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York state, California, DC, Maryland, West Virginia and Indiana. His travels have taken him to various parts of Europe, the Middle-east, the Caribbean, and Central America.  He speaks modest French and some Spanish.

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to go to recent posts, nearly 300 pages of news and comments filed during the first nine months of 2013 and during the critical election year of 2012.


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