What is The TerryReport?

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What is The TerryReport?


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We need some examination of the relationship between health and poverty. It is difficult to make money by any means, even if one has money to invest in the markets, if one's health is not good. Obviously, people who don't have good health can't work as much and might not be able to get a good job. There is more to it than this. There seems to be a direct correlation between not having wealth and being in poor health.

A major part of the problem stems from the lack of health insurance, the unavailability of good medical practitioners in many areas of the country and the lack of education about how to be healthy. This latter factor might be the most important. The issue of wealth and health needs to be studied more intensely and the American situation looked at in comparison to nations that have long standing public health programs, like England.

Being unhealthy, or having family members who are chronically ill, pulls down the economic situation of anyone facing it. Ill health appears to be a major cause of poverty in America AND poverty causes ill health in turn.

 Take one example. Many people in West Virginia are noted for having poor teeth, for not having access to dental care and letting the teeth go. This, in turn, creates massive does of bacteria in the mouth, which can play a role in the development of diseases, including cancer. If that state and others simply had better dental care, the health and economic standing might improve greatly.

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