What is The TerryReport?

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What is The TerryReport?


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The TerryReport

                                                                                                                                                                               I feel good about this. No air travel vacation for me this summer, at least not now during the height of the rush to get to beach, mountains, sea or other vacation spots. No being packed into an aluminum tube with 160 strangers, no hassles from airline workers who seem to hate their jobs and the passengers with equal passion, no prison like searches from the TSA folks. Hey, whatís not to like?

If you have read The TerryReport previously, you know that this isnít a blog. It is not a personal website where random thoughts and events are posted day by day. This is a news site first and a commentary site second, with explanatory journalism as the goal. From time to time,  I digress from my self made rules, however.

I have come to loathe air travel in America. There are parts of it I dislike more than others, one being the snarling folks who run one of the worst airlines, AirTran**, but that is a personal point of view for another day, if ever. In any case, I will not be flying for a vacation during this peak vacation period and I consider that a small victory. I donít understand why the paying customers have come to be treated as the enemy, I donít understand why space on the aircraft has shrunk to the point where legs are considered optional, or pay extra, accessories. I donít understand the whole mess, though Iíve been trying to figure it out for years (I have some partial answers to the problems with the airlines themselves, which I have posted from time to time and shall do so again.)

Air fares have gone up significantly. I havenít done a complete survey, but a check of the places I normally would consider going, north, east, south and west,  indicates increases from 100 to 300 dollars per ticket. Thatís a lot. Despite the complaints about income inequality, an awful lot of Americans are traveling right now and it looks like theyíve booked up almost all of the more desirable beach and mountain houses, apartments and condos. The country as a whole might not be doing half as well as it was 10 or 20 years ago, but a lot of people have it pretty good, which is one reason there arenít more complaints, and political uprisings, about the status quo.  So, go enjoy yourselves. I wonít be sitting next to you on the dirty, crowded aircraft, but have no fear, there will be someone there and he or she will probably be taking up more seat space than me and not sharing the armrest, too.

Doug Terry, 6.20.14

**Remember, friends donít let friends fly AirTran.

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